Friday, 13 April 2012

It's been a long time comin'

So its been a while. But since no-one reads this blog, it won't have broken (m)any hearts! Life plods on, and politicians continue to make a total mess of this planet we call home.
I'm reading an interesting tome about Sept 11th. It is full of questions, such as why after the first plane was hijacked, didn't they send escorts up when they knew the 2nd plane had. Or for that matter, to the one that'd eventually land on the Pentagon??  Too many q's haven't been given anywhere near a satisfactory answer. And we call ( And when I say 'we' I mean 'they'...and by that I mean the Government of the good ole USA) N Korea secretive. It's a jolly old life, to be sure. Ho hum

Saturday, 13 August 2011

I Kin READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta Kindle, YAY!!! Holding books, esp hardbacks, is tres hard with one hand. My fab uncle helped with the cost, and its an early Chrissie pressie. Its a-may-zing. Truly. I'm  now a total nerd. And no more books will be dropped on my head, which can only be a good thing.

I've got the dentist on Monday. I suspect I'll be in trouble as myu jelly bean addiction has hit crisis point. I ran out today and I made my dad drive to Asda to buy me 6 packets. It has to be 6 packets to get a good ratio of colours. But even then I end up with all orange ones and hardly any white and yellow ones, which are my faves, (of course). Don't misunderstand me, the ones are  fine , but they outweigh the others 2:1 which means they must be the cheapest to produce. I want to start an e petition to get 'them' to do bags of JUST white ones. Do yoiu think thats petty?? Hmmm

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I Predict a Riot

So, I had a Stye. Phoned the quacks, and was told to hold a hot used teabag, (sans milk, natch) on my eye. I was dubious, I must admit. However, I held the Aldi Gold label (delish, better than Twinnings)  bag on my eye. And holy f*** but the blinking thing (see what I did there?) went! I was amazed, I can tell you. So now I don't have a stye,which is a. good. thing.

Was going to watch the fottie tonight, but cos of the riots it was cancelled. Which makes us look bad, what with the 'lympics coming up and all that. Looks like we can't cope with stuff. Still, I'm concerned about the first agmes of the season on Saturday. I mean, Carpet World has burned down so I can see why they'd call all the matches off. Cynical? Moi...

Monday, 8 August 2011

I'm Les Miserable

I have a stye in my eye. (Sty? stye??) It hurts when I blinking blink. No-one is reading my blog, and I'm stuck on the crossword. Oh, and the country is falling apart. Happy days.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Another Day, Another Reducing in Value, Dollar

So, in 2001 I had surgery to my brachial plexus that left my right arm paralysed. Its been in a sling ever since, but here is the weird part; for about the past two years, my arm has been moving. When I say moving, I mean twitching and stretching and tensing until ity feels it'll snap. I have no control over it, but when I tell people that its paralysed, I can see the look in their eyes, the one that says "you're a big fat liar, go and get a job"|. In winter its worse, cos I wear a big coat and zip my arm inside it. It looks as if I'm smuggling a puppy about. Or an alien, like in the film, erm, Alien. Anyway, for now, all day every day my arm churns and writhes, and no-one knows why. I had Botox to try and stop it, but it didn't work. One consultant offered amputation, (really), and was surprised when I declined.  So it seems, unless some brilliant doctor reads this blog, I'm stuck with this for the time being. I can't imagine what Dave the Rave will think when I go for my assesssment...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World

Oh the ironry. I don't know if Sachmo wrote it or just sang it, but either way,  he was way off the mark. It might be a beautiful world, but wonderful it ain't. Especially here in the UK with Cameron and his loyal Puppy at the helm.
Forget for a moment the horrors currently being suffered by millions in the Horn of Africa, (a woman binds her stomach with rope so the hunger pangs aren't so painful??). Don't think of the misery endured by hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan, (a knock on effect of the illegal war in Iraq). And put out of your mind the abject fear of those young people in Norway. Just concentrate on some of the things going on here, right now, and its enough to make you weep.
Being disabled, I get Disability Living Allowance. I also get Incapacity Benefit. Only having one arm makes me somewhat incapacitated. As does the fused spine, the osteoporosis, the exhaustion from such a high dose of morphine and lack of sleep at night, which is caused by the night terrors, which is caused by the morphine. You get the picture?  Well, I'm glad you do, cos 'they' sure as hell don't. With the Daily Express fully convinced that  scroungers such as me should pull my sleeve up and go and get a job, and the gruesome twosome (yes Dave the Rave and your pup, I mean you) hell-bent on reforming the benefit system, I'm (and by I, I mean me and hundreds of thousands of others) are left to fill out endless forms YET AGAIN to see whether we are entitled to our benefits, or simply swinging the lead.
Maybe insted of these witch hunts they should concentrate on the tax-fraudsters, who cost the country tens of times more than benefit cheats. Maybe, they should believe our doctors, when they say someone is ill. Maybe they should stop hounding the poor, and instead look at a way to make life less stressful for those of us who are already vulnerable, stressed, depressed and ill. I did not chose to have nf. If I'd been healthy, I'd have continued in my career as a nurse, and contributed tax and national insurance. But I'm not, and I didn't, and now, as well as not sleeping because of the pain and the night terrors, I'm not sleeping because our 'wonderful' government are determined to stop my benefits and send me to work. Maybe they should try sending the Royal Family out to do some proper work, instead of making the weakest in society feel guilty for being ill.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

commitment issues...again

When I was about 8, I wrote a story. I got as far as the first 4 letters of the protagonists name, which happened to be the first word of the story, and gave up. I even remember the name, 'Charlotte' or, as I put it, 'Char'. Yep, commitment issues. I never could stick with anything, even as, or ESPECIALLY as, a child. There was always something more interesting to be doing, like playing with my Sindy doll, watching Why Don't You, or picking the stones  out of a pomegranate with a safety pin. Ah, happy days.
Maybe now, looking back, I can see that that difficulty to commit to anything, also meant I had difficulty in concentrating at school, difficulty in doing homework, and general feelings of aggrevation when I was given anything to do with numbers. My mum would attest to that, as it was she who tried to teach me long division!Neurofibromatosis can cause those things. But is that a cop out blaming a condition? No. Having those difficulties was frustrating, and I'd much sooner have been able to focus. As I got older I was abled to discipline myself to concentrate, even though it was still hard. But it begs the question, how many kids struggle at school, and its put down to ADHD, stupidity, or bad behaviour? I had parents who helped me, even though at that time we were unaware of why I had problems, but considering NF is the most common genetic disorder, maybe its time schools took a more pro-activew role in identifying children who may have this horrible disease.